Chonoya offers a rare opportunity to have a personal, hands-on experience with traditional Japanese culture during your visit to Japan.

The logo of Chonoya is inspired by a swallowtail butterfly which is our family crest.

A close ancestor of Chonoya's founders served as the Shinto priest of Masumida shrine
which was the second highest ranked shrine in the vicinity of Nagoya.

Chonoya is located about 10 minutes by car from Sakae,
the city center of Nagoya which was developed as a town around Nagoya Castle.

This “Kominka”, a Japanese traditional farmhouse, was built in a quiet residential area about 100 years ago,
and you can fully enjoy the historical atmosphere of an old Japanese house.

Nagoya was struck by massive air raids during World War II,
and many houses were destroyed, but luckily this area survived.

Since there are many modern buildings in Nagoya due to reconstruction, prewar houses are now very rare.

It is usually impossible for travelers to enter these types of houses if they are not tourist facilities,
but Chonoya is ready to welcome you and guide you through an unforgettable experience.

Gate and Entrance

A small temple-like gate and a gable entrance were built using traditional Japanese architectural methods.

Kimono (Traditional Japanese Garment)

Furisode is a long sleeve kimono worn by unmarried young ladies. Even now, furisode is popular for special occasions such as coming-of age and graduation ceremonies. A perfect spot for personal snapshots and taking photos with your group.

Buddhist Altar

A Buddhist altar dedicated to the ancestral spirits. There are many intricate details contained inside the elaborate construction of this shrine. A rarity in modern Japan, but in the past, there was a Buddhist altar in every house, and it was customary to pray here for their ancestors and Buddhas every day.

Japanese Garden

There is a small garden behind Chonoya. The garden is filled with attractions of Japanese tradition such as a moss-covered stone lantern and hand-crafted bowls. Beautiful on both sunny and rain days, the garden is a marvelous sight that’s sure to be a special memory.


We want everyone in the world to experience Japanese traditional culture with the same care and detail as we experienced in our childhood. With this mission in mind, the husband-and-wife team of Yuzo and Kumiko have opened Chonoya to welcome visitors of all ages from around the world. Both grew up in Nagoya and now live in Tokyo. The husband Yuzo loves to play Beatles songs on the guitar. The wife Kumiko loves Japanese culture such as cooking and kimono.
All instructions and guide materials are written in English, and both Yuzo and Kumiko will do their best to communicate verbally in basic English as well. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Cultural Experience Package16,500yen (tax included)