Chonoya, Inc.

Revised April, 2019

Article 1.
(Operation of Terms of Service)
  • 1.These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") apply to all matters in using our website (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") operated by Chonoya, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"). Before using our service, please be sure to read through, be sure to agree to these regulations, and apply for reservation for the service according to these regulations.
  • 2.The Company shall be able to modify these Terms without obtaining your consent, and the changed terms shall be applied immediately from the date of modification.
Article 2
(Reservation of the service)
  • 1. Regardless of the reason including the delay of transportation, if customers can not arrive at the site or the meeting point by the time designated in advance by customer's convenience, the reservation can be cancelled, and the company won’t refund the fee and won’t schedule to change the date.
  • 2.Customers may be required to present identification cards such as passports to confirm your age.
  • 3. There is no barrier-free environment and customers are required to go to the second floor using stairs. Those who can not go up the stairs by themselves are very sorry, please refrain from participating.
Article 3
(About the usage)
  • 1.Please consider local residents on the site.
  • 2.Drinking and smoking by bringing in is prohibited.
  • 3.Do not bring in hazardous materials such as ignitable materials or items that cause inconveniences to third parties of other customers.
  • 4.Please note that the company will not take any responsibilities when accidents caused by customers in the facility site.
  • 5.In the event customers cause damage or contamination loss of buildings, facilities, and other items due to the intention or negligence of customers, customers shall be charged for the actual expense.
Article 4
  • 1.In order to receive the provision of the service by using this site, customers are required to comply with these terms and obey the laws and obligations of the customer himself / herself.
  • 2.The company strive to properly manage this site and facilities, and regularly and continuously review and update it. The company shall not bear any responsibility and liability whatsoever for damages, costs or fees incurred by client or any third party, including those caused by or in relation to the provision, delay, change suspension, discontinuation and abolishment of the service, unless it is decided by the company that it attributed to the company. However, the company will refund the full reimbursement of the participation fee or schedule changes only if the company is deemed to have serious responsibility. At that time the company can not compensate any transportation or accommodation expenses. Please acknowledge this beforehand. Also, the amount of the reimbursement fee shall not exceed the service price the company offered.
  • 3.The company is not responsible for any damage caused by the alteration of this site by a third party.
Article 5
  • All contents posted on this website are owned by Chonoya, Inc. It is prohibited to use without written permission.